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Lifespan TR1200-DT7 Treadmill Desk
Lifespan TR1200-DT7 Treadmill Desk
Lifespan TR1200-DT7 Treadmill Desk

Lifespan TR1200-DT7 Treadmill Desk

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    Lifespan TR1200-DT7 Desktop Treadmill Desk

    The TR1200-DT7 is a treadmill base and electric height adjustable desk. This option is great for individual users who expect to walk a lot or office spaces with multiple users. Simply switch between walking, sitting, or standing as much as you want throughout the day. This model has a walking belt of 20” x 50” and supports users up to 350 lbs.





    Assembled: 68.5" D x 38"/48"/60"/72" W
    Gray/Acajou/Cherry Desktop: 38"/48"/60"/72" W x 29" D
    White Desktop: 48"/59"/71" W x 30"D

    Step-Up Height

    Belt: 4.6"
    Side Rails: 5.25"

    Belt Size 20" W x 50" L
    Belt Type 2-Ply
    Marked Belt With a motor so quiet, treadmill belt markings help you and coworkers identify when the belt is moving.
    Drive Motor 2.25 HP High Torque Continuous Duty DC

    0.4 - 4.0 MPH
    (Max. speed setting defaults to 2.0 MPH but can be set to 4.0 MPH if desired)

    Incline Not Available: Walking at an incline while working is not recommended by ergonomists as it takes your body out of a neutral position and places strain on your back and joints.
    Deck Suspension 6 Independent Compression Shocks
    Deck 3/4" Phenolic with Brace
    Side Rails Non-Slip Plastic
    Transport Treadmill has 2 front-mounted transport wheels for easy mobility.
    Height Adjustment 27.5" - 50.5"
    Desktop Surface

    Gray/Acajou/Cherry: Durable Laminate
    White: Powder Coated

    Height Adjustment Method Electric
    Max. Desktop Weight 220 lbs.
    Max. User Weight 350 lbs.
    Average Amp Draw

    2.7 Amps
    (170 lb. User at 2 MPH)

    Product Weight

    Treadmill: 114 lbs.
    Desk: 86 lbs.

    Shipping Dimensions

    Box 1: 67" L x 30" W x 9" H
    Box 2: 38" L x 11" W x 12" H
    Box 3: 41"/50"/64"/76" L x 33" W x 3" H


    Frame: Lifetime
    Motor: 3 Years
    Parts: 2 Years
    Labor: 1 Year



    Name: Susana L. 

    • Date: July 2020
    • Product: LifeSpan 4000i treadmill

    • When did you purchase your product: January 2020

    • What goals were you trying to accomplish? run indoors when due to weather it was not possible to run outdoors

    • What made you decide to purchase from LifeSpan? great reviews online and ease of use. But then I tried it, along with many others at the store, and this was the one that I felt happy and comfortable running on. I chose this one over others that were $1000 more that didn't feel as powerful and as cushioned.

    • How has your LifeSpan product impacted your life? it has given me so much peace of mind! Knowing that I can continue with my training plan even if it's snowing, thundering, too hot, or too dark to run outside.

    • What would you say to others who are considering LifeSpan? Buy yourself one. It's a great bang for your buck. It's powerful, it's soft, it's easy to use, and easy to set up. And cleaning underneath it is super easy to do! Sometimes I even take calls walking on it, as the console is big enough for my laptop to rest at the right angle and type my notes. This treadmill is as good (if not better) as those super fancy commercial ones at the gym. Legit! 


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