Your one-stop shop for setting up your home office

You can now work from home. Now what?

You just found out that your temporary work from home during COVID is now becoming a permanent gig. No more long hours at the office, getting up early to shower, commuting in traffic, large dry cleaning bills, high gas and car maintenance bills and, with a little luck, your animals or kids will no longer treat you as a stranger. 

The kitchen table may have worked as a desk for months but now you need to turn it back into a place to eat and transform that guest bedroom (or garage) into a working office. 

Here are the 3 most important things you need to consider when you set up a home office:

  1. A quiet space 
  2. An dedicated desk
  3. A comfortable chair 

The printer, filing cabinets, photos and plants are all nice to have but extra. It’s a little overwhelming to outfit yourself with what you need to get going so we are here to help.

Home Office Wellness at is your one-stop shop for setting up your home office.  We have vetted the top brands in each category so you don’t have to.