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Working from home is becoming the new normal

So much has changed in 2020. We are dealing with a previously unknown pandemic, unemployment is higher than we have seen since the Great Depression, racial and political tensions are boiling over and everyone is afraid. There are so many things that 2020 will be remembered for. Here’s a fun blog I wrote on my parenting site in April (i.e. pre George Floyd’s murder) about the differences between 2020 and 2019

With all of the hard and negative things that 2020 will be remembered for, one positive thing 2020 will be remembered for is workplace innovation. Out of necessity people had to work from home and businesses had to adjust. Many businesses like retail were not able to use this new model but others were able to adjust for the short term. Now we are seeing that some sectors (like many high tech companies) are making working from home the new normal. 

The advantages to businesses are that costs are down if they can close some of their expensive offices (think of all of their costs such as rent/utilities/cafeterias/gyms/landscaping etc or all of the costs when an employee is traveling for work) and their employees are happier working from home when they don’t have to commute to an office or do business travel.

Employees get a lot of advantages when they are working from home such as more sleep (for those who are not staying up later than usual obsessing over the news), more time at home with their families, less expenses such as gas, car maintenance, clothing, dry cleaning etc.

The thing that the world has realized in the last few months is that virtual meetings work. A Zoom meeting can be uncomfortable at times but you can still get work done on them and they are a whole lot cheaper than bringing employees to an office every day or putting them on airplanes to go to in person meetings.  

I have loved the virtual meetings where kids pop in to ask a question because they are home 24/7 or when a dog makes an appearance. One associate even was holding his two pet mice while leading a training.  We all have lives outside of the office so in this new post COVID world, it’s hard to pretend that we don’t.

Now that working from home is becoming the new normal, more people are trying to figure out how to stay in shape in this new model. I heard a story about an entertainment lawyer in LA who has started talking his calls while he walks 12 miles a day. While that is admirable, not all of us can do our work while walking around the neighborhood. My first thought when I heard this was was, “How does he take notes?”. A more practical way to stay healthy while working from home is with a treadmill desk. You can work and exercise at the same time (and take notes!).  Check out our options for treadmills desks at and prioritize your health in this new world we now live in.