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Working 9 to 5 from home

Dolly Pardon so aptly sang in the movie 9 to 5

Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen

Pour myself a cup of ambition

Yawn and stretch and try to come to life

Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumpin'

Out on the street, the traffic starts jumpin'

With folks like me on the job from 9 to 5”

For anyone who has had to commute in their career, they know that it becomes a routine.  You wake up, get ready for work, get on the road, and drive the same route every day to work.  Instead of getting our coffee from the kitchen, many of us have our favorite coffee drive-throughs that we frequent on the way to work to brace ourselves for the long commutes and another day of the same.  I used to commute ~2-3 hours a day in California and saw patterns emerge with fellow commuters.  Whenever someone came into the office and said something like, “I just realized that I commute 10 hours a week for 52 weeks a year, which is 520 hours or 21 days of my life a year that I am wasting in my car”, their time commuting was limited.  Almost every time that person would quit within six months after doing the math of how much time they were wasting commuting. 

I commuted to Silicon Valley from San Francisco, Berkeley, or Oakland for 15 years to the same company in Mountain View.  After a few years, I was able to find a way to work at home 1-2 days/week and after 12 years, I was working from home almost full time.  I remember my brother telling me when I first started working at home that I should use some or all of the commute time I was saving to exercise.  Great advice but I didn’t heed it.

Now I don’t commute to an office but I travel around Northern California/Central Valley to see customers. My commute varies and I still commute 2-3 times a week but to different places at different times of the day.  On the days I don’t commute, I try to get more exercise but who can make time for the gym?

The solution for staying/getting fit while working from home is a treadmill desk.  Treadmill desks allow you to stay in shape without leaving the house...and you can be working while you are doing it.  We have had a treadmill desk for ~8 years.  It’s in my wife’s offices so she uses it most of the time but I try to use it when she’s out of the house.  She often takes conference calls from it so the 30-60 minutes that you would normally be sitting in a chair on a conference call, she is walking and getting exercise.  She was out this morning and I used it for 45 minutes while  I was on a webinar. I was productive and I got some exercise.  Some companies are even offering a cash incentive to employees to outfit their home offices.  With the busy lives that we all lead, staying healthy is hard to do.  If you are lucky enough to be able to work from home full or part-time, consider buying a treadmill desk as an investment in your health. 

Check out our options for treadmills desks at and prioritize your health in this new world we now live in.