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Too hot to exercise?

I live outside of Sacramento where it gets super hot in the summer. Like 105 degrees. Too dang hot to get outside and exercise during the day. 

Just today, I started the day thinking, “If I don’t get some exercise in the morning, it will be too hot to get outside until 8pm”. Like many of us, I had meetings starting at 8 am and, other than walking the dog for 10 minutes before my meeting, I knew I wouldn’t get out to exercise.

Instead of throwing in the towel, I looked at my schedule and realized I had several meetings that were webinars that I didn’t have to speak on. I took that as an opportunity to use my treadmill desk during those calls and ended up getting over an hour of walking in at work. I felt so much better at the end of my workday knowing that I had gotten an hour of exercise in.

I am so grateful that I have a treadmill desk.  It’s different than just walking outside or walking/running on a treadmill during a call because it’s an actual desk. As I was getting my hour walk in, I was watching the presentation on my computer. I didn’t feel like I missed important points, as we always do if we sneak out to take a walk while on a conference call. Since I was able to watch the webinar as I was walking on my treadmill, I was able to see the speaker, watch the presentation, and be totally engaged.  

If you work from home and feel like it’s often too hot to exercise, consider getting a treadmill desk.  Check out your options at