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How to Turn Your Garage Into the Perfect Home Office

Guest blog by Tina Martin


Many people like the idea of working from home but they are hesitant to do so because they don’t think that they have the space to set up a suitable office. However, if you own your home, then you might have a chance to transform your garage into a great workspace. Here at Home Office Wellness, we want everyone to be comfortable and productive in their remote position, so we have some tips for how you can modify the garage so it is suitable for your work.


Clean It Up


The first thing that you will want to do is clean out the garage as best as you can so you have a suitable space. Remove the power tools, lawnmower, landscaping products, and any other items that don’t absolutely need to be in the area. You can put the things you still use in a shed and donate what you no longer need. Next, sweep and dust the area to remove all of the filth.


Insulate the Space


Next, you will want to insulate the garage so you can keep cool during the hottest summer months and keep out the bitter chill during the coldest months. There are several steps that you can take to insulate the space, starting with sealing all cracks along the exterior walls so that you aren’t leaking any energy. You should also add waterproof sealant to the perimeter of all external windows so you are protecting the space from both sides. If your garage isn’t insulated at all, then add fiberglass insulation in the spaces of the walls between each stud. If necessary, also add insulation to the ceiling and the garage door. Once you are done, install the drywall over it.


Fix Up the Walls


Now that the space is spotless, you should spruce up the walls so it looks less like a garage and more like a traditional room. You can start by adding a coat of paint to all of the walls. You can either go with white or try a more soothing color like light blue or gray.


Another great idea is using woven grasscloth wallpaper for your walls, which will create an elegant look that will impress clients and anyone else who walks into the space. If you go with this option, then it is a smart idea to choose a peel-and-stick option that is easy to apply and remove if necessary. 


Add Natural Light


While you should at least have an overhead light to help you to see your work, you will likely need to find other ways to add natural light into your garage. Natural light will allow you to see your work while also cutting down on utility costs and it will also improve your productivity. While you do have the option to add a window, you can also add light by replacing the garage door with one that has windows already built into it or you can install a skylight.


Furnish the Space


Even though you are working out of a garage, it doesn’t mean that you should be sitting in a cheap chair and working off of a folding table. Instead, it is important that you make your garage space official by finding a suitable desk and also spend a few extra bucks on a quality chair that provides the ergonomic support that you need to work your eight-hour day without feeling pain in your back or neck. If you ever entertain guests in the space, then consider adding an extra chair or a couch to really complete the look.


As you can see, there are many ways that you can transform your garage into a perfectly suitable office space. Try these tips and you’ll be amazed by the final product. If you would like to know more about the services offered by Home Office Wellness, then contact us at 866-876-1791.

Source - Unsplash