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How to Make It Through a Mid-Life Crisis

Guest blog by Emma Grace Brown

If you are between ages 40 and 65, you may be experiencing a mid-life crisis if you question your life's purpose, feel apathetic, or think that your most significant achievements are behind you. This phenomenon usually accompanies a significant life event such as a loved one's death, divorce, or career setback. However, focusing on the following can help you regain a positive outlook.


Start a new business

If you dream of being an entrepreneur, mid-life is an excellent time to take action. Starting a business during this time increases your chances for success because you can rely upon hard-earned confidence, experience, capital, and business contacts.


Go back to school

Continuing your education can help you launch a new mid-life career that you love.  Choose online classes or a degree program that accommodate your job and family obligations. Accredited institutions offer competitive tuition rates for online bachelor's or master's degree programs covering education, entrepreneurship, IT, and other courses that will help you achieve your goals. 


Focus on your staying physically fit 

Mid-life is a perfect time to evaluate and promote your physical, mental, and emotional fitness. For example, if you have a sedentary office job, consider ways to incorporate more physical activity into your day. Joining a gym, practicing yoga, Tai Chi, or a new sport are enjoyable ways to stay physically. You can also invest in fitness-promoting office equipment to keep moving while working at your desk or computer. 


Revamp your diet

Your diet can impact your mood and physical health; however, taking charge of your mid-life nutritional needs can combat the crisis you experience. Cooking lessons can encourage healthy choices, provide a creative outlet and encourage community through in-person or live-streaming interactive options. 


Pick up a hobby

Starting hobbies during mid-life can lead to years of fulfillment and a positive outlook or add joy to your life. Also, whether you learn to read music, sew, garden, play sports, or an instrument, hobbies can improve your confidence, memory, concentration, decision-making, and coordination while reducing your dementia risk. 


Travel the world

Physically exploring the world can cure your mid-life ennui by providing new perspectives or challenging your comfort level. For example, if you eschew the outdoors for much of your life, planning a camping trip can turn you into a nature lover. Or, an ocean cruise can inspire a love for the water that leads to a passion for swimming that also provides mood-boosting exercise.


Make time for family and friends

Raising children and caring for elderly parents can consume your thoughts and contribute to anxiety during mid-life. Reigniting old friendships and proactively setting aside a few hours each week to bond with supportive family members can reduce the stress of managing these obligations and improves your outlook and self-image.


Adopt a pet

Pets can help ward off many physical and psychological aspects of a mid-life crisis. They provide companionship that promotes a positive outlook and mitigates depression. If you opt for a dog, the daily walks and physical activities you can enjoy together will promote better cardiovascular health and overall fitness.


Volunteer your time

Volunteering at a pet shelter, soup kitchen, or another non-profit can help you develop social relationships, inspire a new passion and help you to develop new skills you can use to succeed in a  new career or develop a sense of purpose.


The psychological aspects of a mid-life crisis do not need to dominate your outlook when you take proactive measures to take control of the rest of your life. Explore Home Office Wellness for more ways to live your best and healthiest life.

Image via Pexels