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Budget-Friendly Home Office Upgrades to Transform Your Workspace

Approximately 18 percent of workers around the world are doing their jobs from home. Many companies have made this shift permanent. This shift to remote work means more people have created workspaces in their homes to do their job. Creating a happy, productive work environment is key to success when working from home. Thankfully, creating this space doesn't have to break the bank — Home Office Wellness has some tips that can help your office look its best on a budget.

A Fresh Coat of Paint 

Giving your home office a fresh coat of paint can make the entire space look brand-new, and it doesn't cost much. Consider using color psychology to choose your new wall colors. Each color is said to have different effects on your mood. For example, blue and green can both be calming, but blue is said to increase productivity, while green may help with research comprehension. 

Furniture Upgrades Worth the Cost 

Some furniture upgrades are worth the cost. If you're on a budget, consider buying secondhand or looking into layaway plans to purchase the items you want.

Teeter explains that a stand-up desk is highly recommended as it can help you remain alert and productive throughout your workday. Standing while working can also alleviate back pain. If you don't think you can stand for your entire workday, consider a desk that transitions from stand-up to sit-down.

A sturdy storage cabinet is another excellent upgrade idea. Not only will it help you stay organized, but it also reduces visible clutter. One survey cited in Harvard Business Review found that cluttered work areas can cause people to lose up to two hours of working time each week. 

Look for a quality office chair. You want to find one that's comfortable and supportive. Although they're more expensive, Secret Lab gaming chairs come recommended for office workers. Not only do they provide more support than traditional options, but their durability means they'll last for years.

Revamp Your Existing Office Furniture 

Sometimes you don't need to replace your office furniture but simply revamp it. For example, if there's a stain on a piece of your cloth furniture that won't come out, hiring a professional upholstery cleaner could make it look new again. Find local companies and read online reviews to find the best furniture cleaning company. Ask potential hires for references—it should be a red flag if an upholstery company refuses to provide them. You should also avoid working with companies that use all-in-one cleaning tools, as these aren't nearly as efficient as specialized ones.

Add Some Motivation 

While you don't want to clutter your walls, adding a few motivational pieces can help you stay focused. Depending on the size of your home office, you should pick no more than two or three motivational pieces for your walls. These could be quotes, people you admire, or places you want to go. It doesn't matter what pieces you choose as long as they motivate you.

Home Office Upgrades Don't Have to Cost a Fortune

Transforming your home workspace doesn't have to break the bank. Following these tips and suggestions will help get you set up, organized, and up and running in no time!


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