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A Beginner's Guide to Building and Managing a Remote Freelance Team

Guest post by Ethel Lair

A Beginner's Guide to Building and Managing a Remote Freelance Team

As a business owner, you want to have the best possible people on your team so that your business has the best chance for success and continued growth. Taking advantage of the growing remote freelancer market makes good business sense. If you’d like to start building a freelance team but are unsure of where to start, check out these three tips from Home Office Wellness

Set Yourself Up for Success
Before you begin hiring freelancers, ensure your business is in its best position to take on remote workers. Forming a limited liability company can be a smart move for your business, as LLC status offers a number of perks. Not only will your taxes be easier to file when tax season comes around, but you’ll also benefit from more flexibility than other formations, and your assets will be better separated from those of your business.

To save the fees you’d need to shell out to a lawyer, simply utilize an online formation service that lets you file for a fraction of the cost. LLC laws vary between states, so research yours before proceeding to see if an LLC is right for your business. Business News Daily recommends comparing different formation options before making your final decision. 

Consider International Options
One striking benefit of a remote team is that your hiring options increase exponentially. When you go remote, you can have highly qualified workers from all over the globe helping you reach your business goals. The tax laws of international work have become increasingly easier to navigate in recent years.

Historically, employing international contractors meant being burdened with the prohibitive costs of traditional payment platforms. Now, though, low-fee money transfer services allow you to get your freelancers paid whether they’re in Asia or right down the road.

Finding international workers is straightforward as well, and you can use the same hiring tools that you would for domestic hires. Major jobs websites such as Indeed and other online job boards allow you to filter your search results to applicants in a certain country.

Look into accounting software that works for your business, regardless of your freelancer strategy. Proper software will make it easy for you to implement an employment strategy that works for you, as well as making it easier to shift strategies if need be.

Perfect Communications Practices
When workers aren’t in one centralized location, communicating effectively becomes key. This is particularly true when projects require a larger team to work together. Email is essential, but other tools and platforms will likely be necessary as well. Free communication platforms such as Google Chat and Discord can come in handy when team members need to brainstorm or talk their way through problem-solving and planning.

When devising more complex projects such as marketing campaigns, sharing large files can become an issue. Limitations of email size may keep you from sending large files in their original forms or make the process cumbersome by requiring you to send them one at a time. Merging PDFs into a single file offers a great way to quickly send larger files together. Simply use a free PDF​ file merger to combine files that you can turn around and send right away.

Freelancers are a wonderful option for businesses looking to expand and stay current with shifts in modern employment. Widen your worker search and begin to build a freelance team that spans the globe, and your business will benefit from your willingness to learn and grow.

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