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4 Easy Steps to Take Your Business From Idea to Startup

Guest blog by Nicole Reid (

Do you have an amazing idea for a new business but don't know where to start? These five steps will help you bring your startup ideas to life. 

1. Validate Your Business Idea

The first step is validating your business idea. Investopedia recommends testing your ideas on seven fronts to ensure viability. 

  1. Uniqueness. Is your product or service new or unique?
  2. Funding. Can you access enough money to support your business in the startup phase?
  3. Customers. Is there sufficient demand for your offer? 
  4. Competition. How many other companies offer a similar product or service? 
  5. Economic Mood. Are the people you want to target in the mood for buying this type of offer right now?
  6. Timing. What is the best time of year to launch this new offer?
  7. Marketing. How will you get the word out about your startup?

2. Write a Business Plan

The best way to answer these questions is to develop a business plan. Not only will this validate your small business idea, but it will also structure your company for success. 

Assess Your Own Skills

This is a good opportunity to assess your own skills and make sure you have what it takes to make this business succeed. Consider enrolling in an MBA program to give you a competitive edge. A business degree will help you become a better leader and develop your strategic management skills. 

Gather the Team

No business owner is an island. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need a great team. Identify the roles you'll need to fill in your startup and start thinking about who would be perfect to fill them. 

Finance Your Business

The startup phase can get expensive. Think about where you'll get the money to finance expenses for up to two years. Sources of money include small business loans and grants, business credit cards, personal savings, and investments from friends, family, or venture capitalists

Marketing Your Product or Service

Detail the steps you'll take to promote your offer.

  • Will you partner with or leverage relationships with existing businesses?
  • Will you use traditional advertising such as television or radio ads, billboards, or magazine ads?
  • To what extent will you incorporate social media?

3. Set Up Your Workspace

You better get cozy — starting a business takes hours of hard work. Ensure your body is ready for the long haul by setting up a comfortable and ergonomic workspace. To maximize your productivity and maintain your physical health while launching your business, consider getting a treadmill desk or a sit-stand desk from Home Office Wellness. You'll also need an office chair that can go the distance. 

4. Make It Official

There are a few steps you need to take to make your business official. 

  • Register a business name
  • Decide whether your company will be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation
  • Get a business license
  • Acquire appropriate insurance

Put Your Idea Into Action Today

If you're ready to turn your business idea into a startup, there's no time like the present. Start testing your offer's viability by talking to potential customers, and if the need is there, put your plan in place to fill it. The world is waiting for your unique solutions.

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