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Versare VersiDesk
Versare VersiDesk
Versare VersiDesk
Versare VersiDesk

Versare VersiDesk

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    The VersiDesk can help transform your boring office into an adaptable workspace. Effortlessly achieve the perfect sit/stand balance by raising and lowering your desk to a desired height. Switching between standing and sitting throughout the workday provides benefits to the body as the day wears on.

    The up-key and down-key allow you to find the perfect height for your desk. Adjust the height between the lowest point of 28" up to the highest point of 47.5".

    With high-end material selections, this electric standing desk allows for a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs. The VersiDesk can hold your daily accessories such as computers, monitors, keyboards, office supplies, and much more. 



    Raise the desk to a height of 47.5" or sit as low as 28"


    Clean with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris

    Order by 6/30/21 and receive a free Home Office Wellness water bottle.