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TalkBox Single Booth Home Office Work Pod
TalkBox Single Booth Home Office Work Pod
TalkBox Single Booth Home Office Work Pod
TalkBox Single Booth Home Office Work Pod
TalkBox Single Booth Home Office Work Pod
TalkBox Single Booth Home Office Work Pod

TalkBox Single Booth Home Office Work Pod

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    The TalkBox Single Booth is the perfect home office!

    Shipping is an additional $480.  Do you want white glove installation? You can add that for $775 at check out.


    Spec sheet:





    Let's face it, people need privacy, comfort, and space to effectively focus on work.  A dedicated TalkBox is your own little sanctuary isolated from the rest of your home.


    Increased productivity

    Providing a dedicated and quiet place to work has proven to drastically increase productivity and give you back your valuable free time.  It’s been estimated that 30% of remote employee's time is lost due to at-home distractions, and that costs A LOT of money.


    With the largest interior space and largest desk of any comparable booth in the market, TalkBox is arguably the ONLY booth truly fit for comfortable long-term use.  Our space-saving sliding door allows big benefits in a small footprint that can fit nearly anywhere in your home. See Comfort Comparison here:

    Talkbox has a sliding door, the largest desk and interior
    Other booths hinged doors require more space and have less interior work space.

    Privacy (Audio and Visual)

    Our soundproofing allows your conversations to stay private and keeps the outside noise out!  Plus, our unique half-wall design provides ample visual privacy for better focus.

    Improved Morale

    A TalkBox as a dedicated place to work/focus has a ripple effect that will make your day easier and your work-from-home experience a happier one.



    • Question: How big is it?
    • Answer: Exterior Dimensions:
    47” wide x 42” deep x 84” tall
    Interior Dimensions:
    45” wide x 38.5” deep x 79.5” tall
    • Question: What comes with it?
    • Answer: Features include:
      • Desk of 18"x36"
      • ~40-Decibel Noise Reduction
      • Comfort Control Ventilation
      • Skylight
      • Sliding Glass Door
      • Storage Cabinet
      • Charging (3-prong & USB)
      • Dimmable LED Lighting
      • Easy-Glide Adjustable Feet
    • Question: How heavy is it?
    • Answer: 800 pounds
    • Question: Will my TalkBox be soundproof?
    • Answer: When used correctly, TalkBox Booths are specifically designed to block 95% of all sound inside the Booth. While murmurs may still be heard, someone outside the box will not be able to make out a conversation taking place inside the booth
    • Question: Is there an option if I don't want to assemble it myself?
    • Answer: Yes. You can add white glove assembly for an additional $775. It is an all-inclusive service within the US that delivers, assembles, tests, and even wipes down your booth with sanitizer! Our installers follow CDC guidelines with social distancing and masks. They also remove all packaging and trash from your site. 
    • Question: If I pay for assembly, how long does that take?
    • Answer: Assembly typically requires up to two hours per booth, assuming the space and the parts are ready. During assembly, your space may experience drill noises and some light hammering.
    • Question: Can I put my TalkBooth outside?
    • Answer: No, they are not waterproof and build for indoors only
    • Question: Where is it made?
    • Answer: Boulder, Colorado

     5 Reasons Why TalkBox is Your Home Office Solution



    A better Home Office, a Homeschooling/Distance Learning Classroom, a Reading Nook... Entertainment Cave, Art Studio, Video Conferencing, and more!

    TalkBox is much more than just a place to work, It's a sanctuary for everyone in your life that needs a place to escape to when things get a little too noisy.

    In many ways, social distancing has brought us all closer together than ever before. Zoom video calls with distant loved ones, kids home from school, Parents sharing office spaces, families spending more quality time together throughout each day. It's safe to say we're closer than ever while still being socially apart for safety reasons.‍

    Bedroom home office
    A TalkBox can fit in just about any room - Here it is in a bedroom.

    Possible setup inside the booth:
    • Laptop
    • External monitor
    • Calculator and notepad
    • Bluetooth speaker for conference calls
    • Spare laptop and iPad Pro in cabinet charging

    ‍TalkBox Booth Tour: