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Sound Dampening Big Castle Wall Design
Sound Dampening Big Castle Wall Design

Sound Dampening Big Castle Wall Design

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    When it’s time to bring their room to life, think big and bold with this enchanting
    playroom design. Made with Lavender, Raspberry, Porcelain, and Coral shades,
    this castle is the perfect backdrop to storybook adventures.

    • Add texture, warmth, and acoustics to any wall.
    • Chamfered edges make seams virtually disappear.
    • Rich, warm, and wool-like material.
    • Extensive color selection
    • Tackable, durable, semi-rigid PET felt

    In a room with bare, reflective surfaces, sound bounces back and forth, distorting direct sound and serving to drastically diminish our listening experience.

    Felt Right tiles have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 35 and can absorb as much sound as one-inch thick polyurethane foam, a popular sound dampening material. In other words, installing Felt Right tiles on a single wall of your living or working space will noticeably improve the overall acoustical experience.

    • Made in the USA
    • Made with at least 50% recycled content
    • 100-day returns
    • Expert customer care
    • Dimensions - Width: 7ft 5in x Height: 8ft 4in

    Every Felt Right tile contains the equivalent of 4 recycled water bottles and is made using energy from the sun.

    Order by the end of the month and receive a free Home Office Wellness Water Bottle. One per order.