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The Compact Hot Yoga Home Dome
The Compact Hot Yoga Home Dome

The Compact Hot Yoga Home Dome

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    Take a healthy break from working at home with a hot yoga dome!

    The Hot Yoga Dome is a portable, immersive, inflatable yoga studio that pops up in minutes. It is designed to create a calm, soothing, cocoon-like space that really packs the heat.

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    The Compact Home Dome is designed to comfortably fit one standard sized yoga mat, but can accommodate two if needed.

    The exterior is 9ft long x 7ft wide. The height is approximately 7.5ft.

    The interior is 7ft long x 5ft wide. The height is approximately 7.5ft.

    When deflated, the Compact Dome rolls up to 14 inches diameter x 15 inches height.

    The Clear Compact Dome weighs 28 pounds and the Cocoon Compact Dome weighs 25 pounds.

    Heating the dome:

    Once you have purchased your Dome, we will email you heating instructions which will include our recommended heater and humidifier.

    The heater costs $24 and we recommend one or two for the Tiny/Compact Dome and two for the Home Dome (this will vary depending on your home's electrical circuits).

    The humidifier costs $49 and with it, our customers have reached up to 60% humidity.

    It is important that each heater has a dedicated circuit (not just a power outlet) that provides 15 Amps of power so that the heaters can operate at full capacity.

    Included in your purchase:

    The Tiny Dome comes equipped with a carry case, remote control LED lighting, and one inflation fan which is used to inflate your dome.


    We offer a 12-month warranty on our Domes and all of the electrical equipment supplied with them.

    Order by the end of the month and receive a free Home Office Wellness Water Bottle. One per order.