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5 to 50 Pound Dumbbell Set w/Storage Rack

5 to 50 Pound Dumbbell Set w/Storage Rack

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    Get this complete weight set to take a break from working at home to get healthy.

    The 5-50 lb dumbbell set with rack from Modern Office is the perfect place to start. This set includes pairs of dumbbells in five-pound increments from 5 pounds to 50 pounds, allowing for a wide variety of exercises. Each dumbbell features knurled handles to reduce the chances of slippage by ensuring a firm grip.

    The rubber-coated heads prevent damage to floors and reduce noise if a dumbbell is ever dropped. The hexagon shape of the dumbbell heads prevents rolling when stored, allowing for neat and safe storage on the included three-tier storage rack. Put you and your staff on a track to better health with our 5-50 lb dumbbell set.

    Rack ships unassembled. Shipping weight 600 lbs.  


    * Includes ten sets of two dumbbells in five-pound increments: two 5 lbs., two 10 lbs., two 15 lbs., two 20 lbs., two 25 lbs., two 30 lbs., two 35 lbs., two 40 lbs., two 45 lbs., two 50 lbs.

    * Rubber-coated heads protect floors and reduce noise.

    * Knurled chrome handgrips prevent slipping.

    * Hexagon shape prevents rolling and ensures that dumbbells stay in place on the storage rack.

    * Includes a three-level storage rack that measures 60"W x 23-1/2"D x 40-1/4"H overall. Each shelf measures 56"W.

    * Sold as a complete set with rack only. No individual dumbbell sales.

    Order by the end of the month and receive a free Home Office Wellness Water Bottle. One per order.